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Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers — Sales, Service & Leasing is your go-to leasing company for network and printers and copiers.

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If you want to operate your printing work efficiently, we have a wide-range of selection of multifunction network printers and copiers. We provide the most accurate recommendation so you won’t waste money on buying wrong printers and copiers.

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We want to help you in your buying decision. So, we ensure that we ask the right questions to understand the printing and copying load of your office. Just tell us your technical requirements and we’ll provide you cutting-edge network printers.

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One-stop network printers and copiers provider

At Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers — Sales, Service & Leasing, we’re proud to give you an all-inclusive rental for your network printers and copiers need. We provide you the equipment and supplies so you can start printing and copying with ease.

From the quick set-up to customer support, we cover all the services that you require us to deliver. Our team of expert technicians helps you in every phase of the leasing process until the equipment is successfully installed.

Network printer and copier features and specifications

We provide printers and copiers that meet the following specifications:




Scan-to home


Scan-to-network folder


ENERGY STAR qualified


Touch screen interface


Integrated office finisher


Network scanning


Customized rental

We stayed systematic in our work even though in reality each customer needs a customized service. But as we faced the challenge of providing you a tailored rental service, we’ve seen how we’re able to deliver with excellence in a timely manner.

Each challenge becomes easy for us whether you want a long-term or a short-term contract for your leasing need. We were able to do it because we don’t come up with a one-strategy-solution. Instead, we listen to your needs and we match it with the appropriate solution.

Because it’s a customized rental service, we provide you a detailed invoice that covers the services we provided. We also simplify our payment scheme so you won’t spend time worrying if you have paid the service.

Multificntion Printer Scanner

We never miss a deadline — never!

We understand that every business has its busy period. It’s a time that you don’t want to experience the piling up of your workload because it means that you’ll be delayed in your deadline. At Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers — Sales, Service & Leasing, we ensure that you’ll never miss a deadline.

From the time you call us up to the completion of the job, we ensure that we provide you a prompt work. We’re on the same page defining time as money. So, when you hire us we just don’t work to increase your productivity, we also work to increase your profitability.

Authorized dealer

We’re an authorized dealer of different brands that offer warranty whether it’s a long-term or short-term contract. We provide you the best brands of network copier and printer that last for years. And the brands we offer can withstand the demand of your workload. So, even you have a large number of documents to print, the equipment will not break.



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