Best Multi-Function Copiers & Printers in Houston, TX

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Sharp MFP Color

Perfect for high-quality colored graphics. Ideal for printing photos.

Sharp MFP Monochrome

Print large volumes of documents, fast. Different printing capabilities for small businesses to large corporations.

MFP Network

Boost productivity. Connect to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network or both. Print RAW, EMF, TEXT or email to print.

Affordable Multi-function (MFP) Printers For Lease in Houston

We rent, sell and repair any type of multi-function printers & copiers. Our prices are affordable. Our service is quick and thorough.


Printer Copier

If your printer or copier keeps on breaking down and you’re no longer getting the quality that your business and your customers need, it’s time to make a switch. Newer printers now come with multi-function properties that allows you to copy, scan and fax at the same time.

It also saves space, is energy efficient and easy to use. We offer high-quality printers and copiers of trusted brand names. Best of all, you don’t need a huge investment. Now, you can rent this state-of-the-art office equipment and enjoy its benefits. We offer flexible and affordable short-term and long-term leasing options that won’t put a hole in your pocket. You can rent for days, months or years–your choice.

Whether you need just one or several for your business, we have the printer and copier rental program for your needs. Our process is also quick. No need to wait for long and suffer a long downtime. We will come to your rescue and bring the printers and copiers at your workplace to keep your business running.

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At Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers, we accept customers who want to buy or lease printers.

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All of our MFP inkjet printers-copiers are in good condition to help your business.

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Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers — Sales, Service & Leasing is your expert partner for your MFP laser printers and copiers needs.

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Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers — Sales, Service & Leasing is your go-to leasing company for network and printers and copiers.

Upgrade Your Copying and Printing Equipment Today

Is your office equipment lacking touchscreen options and productivity-increasing networking capabilities? If you need innovative printing, copying, scanning and faxing equipment, we have the right office equipment for you. Whether you want to buy a brand new equipment for your business or you’re looking for flexible rental programs that allows you to control your budget, we have the solution for you. Enjoy the latest, most efficient and eco-friendly printing and copying technology today–for less!

Printer and Photocopy

Shop Quality Printers and Copiers

Overwhelmed by the number of choices available in the market today? We’ve narrowed down your selection to the creme of the crop. All of our multi-function printers-copiers are tested and high-quality. We offer products that will boost productivity in your business and give you a quicker return on investment. Whether you need a home printer or an MFP equipment for large volume printing, we have the right equipment for you.

We Service Printers and Copiers of Any Type

Suffering downtime in your office? We fix repair and service a wide range of printers and copiers. We will send a temporary printer-copier replacement so there is little downtime for your business. We offer on-site and in-store repairs with our team of certified service technicians. We use high-grade products for parts that need to be replaced.

Why Hire Us?

We provide competent service professionals to service any type of printing or copying problem at cost-effective prices. Our technicians are efficient and thorough in their work, committed to giving you the best service you deserve. We also have experts that are ready to provide you with the consultation that you need. Our products are high-quality products from reliable manufacturers, backed up with a warranty guarantee.

Need Help with your Printing/Copying Needs?

Request for a free, no obligation quote here on our website. We also offer printer-copier demos and can help you if you’re looking for a specific type or model of equipment. If you need assistance finding the right equipment, you can message us with all of your queries.


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