Great Pricing on Award Winning MFPs & Copiers New Sharps, Konicas, Kyoceras, Epsons, Muratecs at deeply discounted pricing for Lease or Purchase


Our MFP inkjet printers are now offered at their most affordable yet. Best of all, they come with features that can work wireless through a Wi-Fi connection. Our Network Printers can also support mobile connectivity via Wi-Fi Direct, cloud sites like Google Cloud Print and Near-Field Communication (NFC).

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Enjoy a range of features beyond printing. Print, copy, scan, and fax using one equipment. We have models ideal for home and home-office use. Print the best photo quality with MFP inkjet printers-copiers. Enjoy all the best features of an MFP for all of your home-office needs and your kids’ school requirements. At Houston Multi-Function Printers & Copiers, we can help you find the right model with the features that your family needs. You can also take advantage of our Inkjet Network Printers that can print your photos direct from your camera via cable or wireless connection.


Our products are cost-effective with lower operating costs per colored or black-and-white page. It is suitable for small businesses with its two-sided printing capabilities. Enjoy high-speed printing on both sides or you can also opt for wireless printing features. Network Printers are enabled via Ethernet, WiFi Direct, WiFi or direct from USB. It is ideal for accomplishing standard tasks including faxing, copying and photography. We also have printers with a touch screen feature so you can see what you print before printing them. You can also scan documents and photos for better color graphics.

Your family’s memories are best when shared. Print your photos using high-quality inkjet printers that will bring to life the moments you shared together as a family. Embrace your photography skills and print borderless photos with our easy leasing options. You can rent MFP inkjet printers to print a couple of photos or use them for your startup business. Scan your photos online and sell them quicker.


If you’re looking for high-quality inkjet printers that you can use to print, scan and copy images that of the best quality, we have the right solution for you. Our products are designed for individuals and businesses that need high-quality results in full color on strips or sheets. We have printers for any shape and size of the label from 10mmx10mm to large 500mmx500mm.

We also have inkjet printers with networking capabilities to boost your productivity. Now you can send photos to print directly from your camera or USB. You can use this type of printer for food labels, product labels, jewelry labels, address labels, equipment labels, brochures, and flyers, among others.

We provide colors that are eye-catching and made to last. Best of all, you can use a range of materials for your printing needs including gloss vinyl, clear vinyl, poster material or block out. Our printer rentals arrive fast and are efficient so you can accomplish what you need to do with full confidence in output quality.

Contact us now to discuss a leasing option that’s right for your needs and budget. If you have any questions about our products, we’d love to hear from you too!

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Request for a free, no obligation quote here on our website. We also offer printer-copier demos and can help you if you’re looking for a specific type or model of equipment. If you need assistance finding the right equipment, you can message us with all of your queries.


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