If you’ve had your copier or MFP for a while you are probably paying a maintenance agreement rate that is quite different from when the maintenance agreement began.   That’s because most copier companies raise their rates 10% each year.  They are encouraged to do that when they go to industry trade shows.  Many businesses find that three to five years into a lease with a maintenance agreement that the maintenance agreement now costs more than the lease payment.  The 10% increases will continue regardless of dealer costs.  Many copier companies do this because their competition does this as well.

It’s probably a good idea to do a reality check and see if it would save you money by leasing a new MFP with service included.  We often find deals where companies started out paying $.05 for color and are now paying $.08 per page or higher.  At a low volume, this is a moot point.  At a higher volume, this is significant.  In fact, if your volume is high enough, the new vendor can pay off the remaining months for you and still save you money with some of the new technology which costs a lot less.

One company we represent has color printing as low as $.025 per page.  This includes parts, labor and supplies.  Some non-profits such as churches who do a lot of color printing should probably look at this because church giving seems to be lower compared to last year.  Cutting color costs on the maintenance agreement from $.07/$.08 per page to $.025/$.035 (depending on the model) would probably create enough savings to pay for the new lease and more.  Please the new technology is wireless and more up to date on print/scan apps.

One new technology generating this dramatic cut in color costs is inkjet for businesses.  This isn’t anything like the little ones sold in stores.  Most people don’t realize that inkjet dominates the high end of the printer market.  At very high print volumes inkjet is more reliable and costs a lot less.  Laser printing would not be practical.  Some companies such as Epson have brought this technology down from the upper end of the market into the middle volumes where businesses have traditionally purchased laser type copiers.  What creates the dramatically lower print costs are the use of large bags of ink instead of cartridges.  Plus, there are no drums, no developers, no toners and no fusers like the laser based MFPs.  It’s almost like going from a gas engine car to an electric car which has no engine;  just a battery and four tires.

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